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Be part of our mission.

Join us in making a lasting impact as we embark on a shared journey towards innovation, excellence, and positive change. As a member of our team, you’ll contribute to shaping the future of engineering and design, influencing the way communities thrive and structures stand the test of time.

Together, we’ll tackle challenges, embrace opportunities, and foster a collaborative environment where your skills and ideas will flourish. Whether you’re an engineer pushing the boundaries of what’s possible or a technician translating concepts into reality, your role in our mission is invaluable. Become a driving force behind the transformation of landscapes, skylines, and lives, and leave a legacy that resonates for generations to come.

Structural Engineer

As a key team member, your expertise will drive the creation of robust structures that seamlessly merge creativity with safety. Your role involves not only designing and analyzing structures but also collaborating with diverse experts to ensure projects meet stringent standards. From towering skyscrapers to intricate bridges, your problem-solving skills will shape safe and innovative solutions.

Civil Engineer

Join our visionary team to shape communities through comprehensive planning, design, and management of various civil projects. Your responsibilities encompass diverse areas like transportation, water systems, and the environment. By navigating complexities and connecting with stakeholders, you'll lead the realization of sustainable and impactful solutions that harmonize with urban landscapes.

CAD Technician

With your meticulous approach, you'll be a cornerstone of our drafting team, transforming abstract ideas into precise blueprints. Your role involves close collaboration with engineers and architects, ensuring accurate communication of creative visions. Proficiency in AutoCAD is essential to meticulously outline intricate details, facilitating flawless project realization and contributing to architectural and engineering excellence.

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    Discover Our Perks and Benefits.

    We're invested in your success and well-being. Our comprehensive perks and benefits are designed to enhance your journey with us, providing growth opportunities, financial security, and a supportive environment. Explore how we're dedicated to making your experience extraordinary.


    • RDA Covers 100% of Associate’s Health Insurance Plans, partnering with United Healthcare.

    Paid Time Off:

    • Enjoy the opportunity for a well-rounded life beyond the office with our provision of paid time off. Company offices remain closed during designated national holidays.

    Retirement Planning:

    • Plan for a secure future with our 401(k), including a 50% match by RDA up to 3% of Compensation and 24% on 3% to 9% of compensation, tailored to aid your long-term financial goals.


    • RDA provides 100% premium coverage for comprehensive long-term and short-term disability insurance for all full-time team members.

    Professional Growth:

    • We support your professional journey by covering fees related to licensure, registrations, and dues for local and state professional associations.

    Career Development:

    • Nurturing your ongoing growth is our priority. Engage in personalized career development plans that foster continuous dialogue between you and your direct supervisor, ensuring your aspirations are met.

    Team Bonding:

    • Forge strong relationships with fellow teammates through company-sponsored outings like Top Golf, regular golf, deep-sea fishing, family days, and professional sporting events.

    Life Insurance:

    • Benefit from a $50,000.00 policy, entirely covered by RDA, available to all full-time employees.

    Ancillary Benefits:

    • Beyond essentials, we offer dental and vision coverage, complementing our comprehensive benefits structure. 100% Covered by RDA